Sprayway Fast Tack General Purpose Mist Adhesive
Non-staining formula. Ideal for many lightweight bonding applications. Fast Tack High Solids. No chlorinated solvents.

Motorcycle Products‎:
Motorcycle Gift Bag $30
Get the gift of Shine with Wizards® Products Gift Bag Contains:  22 oz Mist-N-Shine™ Professional Detailer. 22 oz Bike Wash Foams, Cleans, Degreases. Microfiber Cloth - Fastest Absorbing Cloth Available!

Bike Wash 22 oz $12
Complete Bike Cleaner. Safe for paint, chrome and plastics  Foams away road grime, oil, grease, brake dust, and more  Strong enough to degrease engines and wheels Easy rinse formula cleans without spotting  Biodegradable, pH controlled, no caustic soda, acids or bleach

Out of the Blue Kit $15
Removes bluing and discoloration from exhaust pipes. Safe on pipes, shields and stacks. Great on chrome and stainless. Complete kit - includes special polishing cloth

Qwik Dress 1 Gallon $27
A thick rubber and tire protectant that can be diluted or used straight. Provides long term protection and gloss to both interior and exterior components. A great combination of quality and value.

Chamois, Microfibers, and Utility Clothes:‎
Wizards Water Bandit $20
Super absorbent. Very gentle on sensitive paint. Lint-free, will not shed. Easy to wring out, drip-free. Unharmed by grease, oil or solvents. Machine washable

Tunnel & Self Serve‎:
Tunnel Shampoo 5 Gallon $47
A highly concentrated blend of surfactants that create a thick rich foam and lubrication for brushes and cloth equipment. Cleans grease, grime, diesel blow by and other dirt with ease without stripping wax. Excellent for all types of washes including self-serve, tunnel and hand wash facilities. Neutral pH will attack hands or skin like competitor's shampoos.

Rainbow Foam $79
Our most popular protectant, available in red, blue and yellow, creates a dense, shaving-cream foam that coats the vehicle. Polymer protectant adhere to the surface allowing the foam to rinse clean while creating a new car shine.

Clear Coat Sealer 1 Gallon $20
For use in both tunnel and self-serve washes, Clear Coat Sealer is a non-foaming paint protectant. This concentrated formula quickly creates a polymer film on the surface of the vehicle. It produces a just waxed shine and water-beading properties to the vehicles finish.

Master Tech‎:
Citrus Hand Cleaner $17
A‎ highly concentrated blend of citrus solvents and surfactants quickly dissolves even the toughest grease and grime from hands. Contains emollients & glycerin to protect hands and keep them soft.