Red 1 Gallon $16.95
The best water-based degreaser on the market! This concentrated formula is biodegradable and cleans engines in a snap without damaging delicate metal parts. Just spray and rinse…it's that easy.
5 Gallon $54

Super Tuff Gallon $12
This is a specially formulated heavy duty, water soluble cleaner for almost all applications, especially automotive. It may be diluted with water depending on severity of the cleaning job, and it may be applied by brushing, spraying, and wiping or dipping. And it is especially suited for high pressure spray equipment.
Super Tuff:
1 Quart $6

 5 Gallon $35

Hurricane 1 Gallon $17
A true all-purpose degreaser --- cleans anything ranging from whitewalls, white vinyl interiors, engines, rims, tires, vinyl and convertible tops to their original brilliance with one easy application. Removes curb burns and road grime from white walls and yellowing dirt from white vinyl.

Wizards Power Clean 22 oz. $12
Cleans tires - great for whitewalls and raised white letters. Dissolves oil, road grime and brake dust. Non-caustic, non-acid, safe for highly polished wheels. Use as a grease, wax and silicone remover. Safe for interiors: dashboard, seats, floors. Super spot remover for carpets

Brite White Gallon $12
Excellent‎ spray white sidewall cleaner that needs only slight rubbing to remove the stubborn stains. May be used on all rubber mats. Hose off grime & road dust with water. Make up solution of 1 part spray concentrate to 10 parts water. Spray on hose off.
1 Quart $6

Sprayway C-60 Solvent Cleaner and Degreaser $9
Cleans electric motors and machines while running. Removes ink, dirt, grease, oil, fresh paint, etc. Quick drying; nonflammable in toxicity. Leaves no residue, Not for use on plastics.
c-60 degreaser
1 Case(12) $96

Autoglym Engine Cleaner 1 Liter $16
Engine Cleaner is a powerful, water based, biodegradable degreaser which rapidly dissolves oil, grease and grime from engines, components, tools and machinery. It is an extremely easy to use spray on, brush and hose off cleaner for all metal, plastic or rubber engine components and surrounding paintwork.

Wash N Shine 1 Gallon $15
Soap With Wax. Easy Rinse. Eliminates Spots. Adds protection for paint. Water sheets off your car for quick drying & less chamois work.
Wash N Shine
5 Gallon $45
30 Gallon $220
55 Gallon $380

Super Car Wash 1 Gallon$ 15
Will provide luxurious suds and a clear brite finish. For a high suds car wash soap, mix a small amount with 2-3 gallons of water.
Super Car Wash:
5 Gallon $45

30 Gallon $220

55 Gallon $380

Cherry Suds 1 Gallon $12
A neutral high foaming detergent concentrate with multiple end uses. It is safe on all painted surfaces and will not harm waxes. Will not harm auto finish if used properly. Excellent for manual washing, coin-op and tunnel washes. Exhibits high foam with a pleasant cherry scent.
Cherry Suds:
5 Gallon $40

30 gallon $175

55 Gallon $295

Auto Glow 1 Gallon $15
A luxurious, foamy wash and wax. Auto Glow washes and shines your car between waxing. Neutral pH formula easily removes dirt and grease, but will not strip or etch your paint, even in hot weather. Highly concentrated.

Extreme 1 Gallon $15
Extreme‎ will remove even the most stubborn traffic film and streaks from tractor-trailers, R.V.s, trucks and cars. Greying films not removed by even the strongest degreasers will melt away when washed with Extreme. A fantastic non-acid, wheel cleaner, it easily removes brake-dust without the chance of harming expensive rims.

Wizards Wash 16 oz $10
Gentle, but thorough, cleaning formula for all types of exterior vehicle surfaces. Thick, rich, long-lasting foam. Streak-free rinsing assures quick drying without stripping the shine. Adds lubrication when wet sanding or using clay

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