Best Blast Citrus $5
Very effective for degreasing vertical surfaces such as door panels and dashboards. Minimal protective equipment. Uses an amazing dextrolimonene all natural citrus extract, creating a multi-purpose aerosol foaming degreaser and deoderizer designed for automotive, industrial and institutional applications.
1 Case(12) $44

Sprayway Carpet Spotter Plus $7.5
Powerful carpet cleaner specifically formulated to remove tough spots and stains from carpets instantly. Ideal for pre-spotting prior to shampooing. Fast acting spotter reinforced with surfactants and wetting agents that immediately remove most spots. Forceful spray with non-foaming formula quickly penetrates for fast spot removal without rubbing or scrubbing.
1 Case(12) $72

Sprayway Orange Citrus Crazy Clean $6
Cleans, deodorizes and degreases parts, work areas, walls, and floors. Removes dirty hand prints, scuff marks, bathtub rings, soot, grease, smoke film, oil, dust, lipstick, crayon marks, etc. Easily wipes down washable painted surfaces, window sills, venetian blinds, porcelain, and tile. Ecologically safe; formulated with orange citrus solvents.Contains no chlorinated solvents
1 Case(12) $49

Sprayway Vinyl Leather Cleaner $6
Perfect for automotive and furniture and upholstery professionals. Cleans, protects, and restores vinyl tops and white walls to "like new" appearance. Leaves a finished touch of elegance - contains mink oil. Easily removes stains, smudges, fingerprints, salt, and dirt. Ideal for use on naugahyde, vinyl, and leather
1 Case(12) $49

Autoglym Car Interior Shampoo 500ml $10
Interior Shampoo is suitable for all of your interior fabrics and hard surfaces.Your mats, doors, headlining, dashboard, steering wheel, switches, pedals, handles and stalks can all be cleaned with this safe, easy to use shampoo.It quickly removes built-up dirt and grime leaving a fresh clean fragrance.
1 Gallon $13

Leather Care Cream Liter $23
A carefully blended pH neutral emulsion containing soaps, natural oils and surface proofing agents which nourish and moisturise vehicle leather. Extremes of hot and cold weather along with air conditioning can take their toll on your leather interior. Although designed to be very hard wearing, certain leathers can dry out over time and may crack.Leather Care ensures that your leather has the oils it requires, without leaving an unnatural gloss, sticky or greasy surface residues. Use Leather Care twice a year to keep your leather supple and crack free. In warmer climates you may require Leather Care more often.
leather care

Juice 1 Gallon $16
A citrus, multi-purpose interior cleaner. Citrus extracts and dry foam surfactants easily clean grease and oil without leaving a sticky residue. Great for extractors and spray-on, wipe-off applications. Use as a non-solvent pre-spotter, too.

Vinyl & Leather Shampoo 1 Gallon $17
Made specifically to clean today's delicate leather interiors without over-wetting or drying. Prepares leather surfaces for Mark V's Leather Treat.

Bio-Zyme 1 Gallon $25
An enzyme cleaner for use on protein-based stains: food, blood, urine, feces, vomit, etc. Contains over one billion spores per gallon. When in contact with stain, spores come to life and eat away at the stain. Spores continue to multiply and eat until the stain is gone.

Hot Shot 1 Gallon $15
This product is a concentrated extractor shampoo. Designed to clean even the dirtiest carpets without leaving a sticky residue. Keeps carpets fluffy and fresh smelling. Keeps extractor pump, heater and O-rings intact and clean for a long life.

Wizards Leather Plus 8 oz. $12
Preserves‎ and protects all fine leather, naugahyde and vinyl surfaces.Contains moisturizers and lanolin oils. Concentrated cream forms a penetrating leather lotion. Great for automotive, apparel, luggage and furniture

Leather Balm Qt. $18
Excellent for detailing vinyl and leather interiors. Enhances the appearance of luggage, sporting goods, handbag, briefcases, and furniture. Safe, non-solvent formula is water based and odorless. Protects surfaces from ozone, ultraviolet rays, and oxidation that crack, dull, harden, or rot materials. Will not build up or become sticky.

Best Foamy Carpet Cleaner $6
Thick foam lifts out and holds dirt and grime in suspension until vacuumed away. Use on spills right away, helps avoid hard to remove stains later.Spot cleans.
1 Case(12) $49

Best Carpet Spot Remover $6
Powerful carpet stain and spot remover. Contains strong cleaners to remove stains due to dirt, ink, mud, ketchup, urine, vomit, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. Quickly saturates materials for instant cleaning. No residue. No solvents. Contains an odor modifier which destroys odor due to urine and vomit through oxidation catalysis. Pleasant fragrance remains.
1 Case(12) $60

Autoglym Super Sheen 1 Gallon $29
For automotive plastics, vinyl, tyres, seals, leather and trim. Improves appearance and seals against moisture, dust and traffic film. Pre-clean soiled surfaces with Interior Cleaner. FOR GLOSS FINISH - apply liberally and allow to dry. Polish with dry cloth to even finish. FOR SEMI-MATT FINISH - polish with clean cloth before film dries. Dilute 1:9 parts water for use as spray on paint polish.

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