Metal Brite Pink Pint $13
Create the ultimate shine on aluminum, brass, billet, diamond plate and other hard-to-polish metals. Fast-acting formula wipes on easy and buffs out to a great shine. Perfect for use with polishing balls.
1 Gallon $40

Metal Brite White 16 oz $16
Create the ultimate shine on aluminum, brass, billet, diamond plate and other hard-to-polish metals. Fast-acting formula wipes on easy and buffs out to a great shine. Perfect for use with polishing balls. Stronger than pink and with brightner
1 Gallon $69

Mystique Qt. $19

An all-in-one product used by detailers and body shops to remove scratches and create the ultimate finish. Mystique does not hide scratches; it actually removes them to create a flawless finish. Detailers love it to remove car wash scratches, oxidation, and other imperfections. Body shops love it to remove wet sanding marks and compound swirls. This product is body shop safe.
1 Gallon $40

One Shot Qt. $15
In a hurry? Cars lined-up? Use One-Shot to clean and protect at the same time. This aggressive cleaner & glaze leaves a gloss that puts a smile on your customer's face, and it's easy to clean-up too!
1 Gallon $35

Showroom Finish Qt. $10
The finest instant detailer available. Remove fingerprints, smudges and dust with ease. Just spray and wipe with a soft cloth. It's that easy. Also works well as a clay lubricant.
1 Gallon $22

Wizards Finish Cut 32 oz. $24
No swirls, easy clean up. Levels 1500 grit or finer sand scratches. One-step buffing on most colors and clearcoat, fresh or aged finishes. Brightens dull finishes, removes scratches and heavy paint overspray. No wax, silicone or crystalline silica. Water-based, no staining, no etching, no dusting
1 Gallon $85

Wizards Metal Polish 3 oz. $12
Brightens‎ and protects ALL metals: aluminum, chrome*, stainless, brass, copper, nickel, etc.. Fast cutting, highest gloss possible. Removes tarnish, corrosion, oxidation, brake dust and tar. Safe for coated wheels, motorcycles and household applications

Wizards Metal Renew 8 oz. $12
Brightens and renews aluminum, brass, stainless steel, chrome* and most metals. Fast cut, high gloss. Easy to apply and remove. Creamy emulsion does not require constant shaking. Use by hand or with power buffs
32 oz. $35

Metal Buffs Kit $28
1 each of the four types of Metal Buffs (11091, 11092, 11093, 11094) for fast effective power polishing on all types of metal surfaces. ¼" shank fits most electric or air drills.

Wizards Mist N Shine 22 0z. $14
1 Gallon $55

Wizards Mystic Spray Wax 1 Gallon $65
Synthetic spray wax technology far beyond outdated carnauba waxes. Outstanding gloss, clarity, depth, slickness and durability.Use as stand-alone or wax extender between applications of Shine Master or Supreme Seal. Performs excellently on all paint types including today's advanced clears.Perfect to use between complete wax applications. Safely removes dust, bugs, bird droppings, road grime, oily fingerprints and light water spotting. Use on any hard surface including paint, glass, chrome, fiberglass, gel-coat, plastics, polycarbonate and rubber trim. Anti Static. No white residue. Fills minor scratches and cob-webbing

Wizards Scratch Remover 12 oz $11
Levels minor scratches and swirls. Removes light fading and blemishes. Excellent pre-wax cleaner. Safe on all paints, clears, and most plastics. Hand or buffer application. Safe alternative to harsh rubbing compounds

Wizards Shine Master 16 oz $16
Easy on - easy off application. Awesome high-shine gloss No streaks or smears. No free silicone or wax. Excellent cleaning. Tough, long-lasting poly-acrylic protection. Safe for fresh paints, clearcoat and Lexan. Use as a wax replacement, swirl mark remover, or finishing (show) glaze by hand or machine
1 Gallon $100

Wizards Turbo Cut 32 oz. $24
Fast cut on dead paint, gelcoat and fiberglass. Removes 1200 grit or finer sand scratches. High gloss finishing on fresh or aged finishes, single stage paint and clearcoat. No wax, silicone or crystalline silica. Non-greasy, water-based for easy clean up without staining
1 Gallon $85

Wizards Wipe Down 22 oz $11
Great for Matte, Flat and Denim finishes. Eliminates missed areas masked by buffing residue. Removes streaks and smears from over use of waxes and glazes. Contains no wax, solvents or silicone. Safe for all paint systems. Adds no gloss or protection

Sunrise Glaze $13
No. 1 Carnauba wax. Removes light road tar. Dries to a light film & is easily removed without dust. Fast wax is a fast wax for new car delivery. Sealant added for durability.
1 Gallon $24

Sprayway Instant Detail Wax $9
Protects clear coat automotive and marine finishes. Provides a deep, durable, lustrous and long-lasting shine. Eliminates time and labor needed to apply most paste waxes and other liquid gel coats.
1 Case(12) $96

Autoglym Metal Polish 55ml $9
Metal‎ Polish is a fast acting compound that will remove tarnishing from brass, copper, stainless steel, chrome, aluminium and unlacquered aluminium alloys leaving them gleaming. Once polished, these surfaces can be further protected with a wax or sealant.
325ml $19

Autoglym Radiant Wax Polish Gallon $54
Restores and protects in one operation leaving an outstanding deep gloss finish. New, improved formulation beads like a wax and has exceptional durability. Radiant Wax Polish is quick and easy to use, ultra low dusting and suitable for use on all paint types by hand or machine. Gives equally great results on weathered or oxidized and quality paintwork.
1 Liter $20

Autoglym Superglym 1 Liter $24
Formulated for new car preparation and new or buffed paintwork. Produces exceptional depth and clarity of gloss. Highly effective on soft paintwork and difficult colours, including darker shades and black. Outstanding on clear coats. Easy to apply and polish off. Ultra low dusting and non-abrasive. Improved durability. Dispensable by trigger spray. No streaking or drying on. Safe on plastics and rubber. Effective surface cleaning. Excellent protective quality.
1 Gallon $56

Autoglym Autogloss 1 Gallon $14
water borne complex chemical which plates onto bodywork providing a glossy water-repellent film with protective characteristics. Ideal for maintenance of cars on outside display. Dilution: 1:100 parts water.

Autoglym HD Paste Wax $69
High‎ Definition Wax is quite simply our finest product. The result of 40 years of product research and development, this expertly crafted wax is individually filled and inspected before being carefully air cooled ensuring it is suitable for use on the world’s finest vehicles. High Definition Wax contains a carefully balanced, yet complex blend of polymers, carnauba and microcrystalline waxes. Treated surfaces display a very high gloss combined with exceptional resistance to environmental contaminants including salt, detergents, UV light, acid rain and industrial fallout. The product is completely free of abrasives, water and emulsifiers. This complete kit contains 150g High Definition Wax, two High Definition Applicators and a Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth.

Super Duty Compound 1 Qt. $15
Recommended for severely oxidized paint, Super Duty levels old, faded paint quickly. Super Duty stands out as the toughest yet the safest of any red cutting compound available in today's market. Body shop safe and silicone free.
1 Gallon $32

Uno 1 Qt. $20
A micro-fine polishing product that can easily remove 1200 sanding scratches when using a wool pad. But, when using a wool pad. UNO will create a flawless, show car finish.
1 Gallon $49

Phase V 1 Qt. $18

Manufactured with micro-fine abrasives, Phase V is the ultimate product for removing 2000 grit sanding marks. Eliminates swirl marks and scratches caused by harsher compounds leaving a deep, smooth, luster all in one easy application. Silicone free means it's body shop safe.
1 Gallon $40

Qwik Kut MV-250 Qt. $20
Unique heat-induced abrasives make this the compound of choice for high-end body shops and detailers. An excellent first-cut compound to remove 1,000 - 1,200 grit sanding scratches. After cutting, the abrasive quickly breaks-down and polishes the surface to a high-gloss finish.
1 Gallon $44

Qwik Kut MV-350 Qt. $24
Removes 1,000 - 1,200 scratches quickly and easily from high solid paint systems. Unique abrasive blend cuts faster and creates a better finish than any other compound. Works with any type of buffing pad.
1 Gallon $58

Qwik Seal Qt. $15
This liquid wax and polymer formula is fast on and easy off. Will not streak or smudge. Works in all weather and creates a great long-lasting shine. Meets California VOC regulations.
1 Gallon $32

Paste Wax 16 0z can $19
A rich combination of the finest imported carnauba wax and polymers create a rock hard finish on any vehicle surface. Perfect as a final step product for creating the ultimate, long-lasting shine.

Dazzle Qt. $15
Incredibly easy to use, Dazzle is fortified with polymer resins and natural waxes making it the perfect choice for fast detailing and new car get-ready. Dazzle is guaranteed not to streak or haze even in weather up to 95 degrees with 95 percent humidity
1 Gallon $35

Body Glow 1 Gallon $20
This‎ body shop safe formula works as both a finish enhancer and buffing lubricant. Great for cleaning compound splatter after buffing or just removing dust and fingerprints before delivery. Aids Body Clay users by increasing lubricity

Clay $25
Remove tar specks, overspray, tree sap and other industrial contaminants in a snap. Available in 3 distinct strengths -- mild, medium and aggressive.

IP 100 Qt. $19
High quality co-polymers seal and protect paint for up to 18 months! Easy-to-use, low dust formula can be applied by hand, orbital polisher or, for the longest protection, with a high speed polisher fitted with a foam polishing pad.
1 Gallon $32

IP 200 Qt. $17
The ideal "wet look" finishing treatment for such hard-to-shine paint colors as black and red. IP-200 glaze restores clarity and depth. Works great for removing swirl marks and light scratches when used with a foam pad and high speed polisher. Perfect for use after using Qwik Kut MV-250 or Krystal Kut.
1 Gallon $34

Krystal Kut Qt. $15

Specifically designed for today's finishes, we combine two high-tech abrasives which initially cut, then break down and polish the finish to a smooth gloss. Removes acid rain, overspray, sanding scratches and orange peel. Slower-drying formula allows for a longer working time. Silicone free formula can be used by body shops or detailers.
1 Gallon $32

Cherry Wet Wax Qt. $15
Designed to give a high shine and that "wet" look for automobile finishes. It is a soft cleaner paste wax. Can be used by hand, orbital buffer, or machine buffer. Contains ingredients to produce long term protection. Can be used on boats, planes, trucks, recreation vehicles, buses and motorcycles.
1 Gallon $35

Fast & Easy One StepGallon $39
Great Cleaner and Glaze. Cuts oxidation and paint contamination easily. Can remove light scratches and minor paint imperfections. Recommended for all clear coat finishes. Use with a wool or foam pad between 1500-2000 RPM. Also removes scratches and dull paint from older cars.

Qt $20

Autoglym Super Resin Polish 325 ml $16
Super Resin Polish is suitable for all types and colors of paint. Light scratches, swirls, stains and scuffs vanish leaving your paintwork like new. It restores gloss to dull surfaces, is simple to use and will never dry hard or become difficult to remove.Super Resin Polish can be used on both new and old paintwork, it doesn't have to be in poor condition. A light coating will improve the condition of any vehicle.Super Resin Polish is a legend in the world of car care and you will find a bottle on the shelf in any true car enthusiast's garage.
1 Liter $30

Autoglym Express Wax 1 Liter  $17
Express Wax is specially formulated to impart a brilliant smear-free finish on ALL exterior surfaces, even when the vehicle is wet.The immediate benefit is that there is no need to dry the car between washing and polishing. Express Wax is suitable for all paint types including metallics, as well as rubber, plastic and glass (except windscreens).
1 Gallon $39

Autoglym Liquid Hard Wax 1 Liter $20
Ideal for protection of cars on open display. Formulated with tough synthetic resins and waxes. Imparts a brilliant long-term finish. Weather resistant. For all types of car paintwork and metal trim.
1 Gallon $50

Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine 500 ml $25
Ultra Deep Shine is a polish for use on black and dark coloured cars suffering from excessive swirling, fine scratches or holograms. Ultra Deep Shine is an 'all-in-one' formula that polishes and protects in one. For this reason Ultra Deep Shine should not be followed by Extra Gloss Protection or High Definition Wax.

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